money, zucchini’s and me

money, zucchini's and me What is it about money that calls me to write a poem? each letter paying the mortgage, each word, my visa bill(s). I go to the local farm stand where reusable bags stand in for guilt (the plastic of our emotions) I want to thank the soil but can I truly... Continue Reading →


Forty Years Now

Forty Years Now a pocketful of sand I've searched beaches for myself a box of letters I've written them all to nobody a scar across my abdomen I've fallen into motherhood to bliss an oversized wedding ring I've shrunken into love with you to know a sibling to really know them to know me as... Continue Reading →


Vegemite Vegemite is all the hours mum spent rolling bread dough. It is aprons dusted with flour, some on her face, some on the floor. Vegemite is fresh bread's scent wafting down the hallway, toasted and buttery. Vegemite is childhood slathered on top of those memories. The yellow labeled jars emptied and filled with beach... Continue Reading →


11:37 It’s 11:37, again. Today, and on so many days, when I glance at the clock. 11:37 I’m reminded of your first breath. 11:37 I, brought on by your light, am introduced to all the goodness in me, my best self. Funny, how nothing of who I was before you, seemed relevant. Your perfect everything,... Continue Reading →

just ask jackrabbit

just ask jackrabbit somewhere in a photo box lives the real truth of this town before ghosts, before cars lined in rows became headstones in a graveyard rusting, dusty sunken into dirt even before the well was empty town hall graffitied, boarded up, condemned. somewhere there is proof but coyotes run rampant a Great Horned... Continue Reading →

Little Cabin Rabby-Tack

Little Cabin Rabby-Tack Little brother freckle-face what do you see? Lying on your stomach, reaching into sea. Driftwood fishing line discarded at your feet, squinty-eyed to sun glare cockabully. Little sister scruffy-hair what do you see? Knees deep in low-tide pools, singing happily. Gumboots full of water Feet and hands in glee, sun-kissed glow of... Continue Reading →

What I’m Not Saying

What I’m Not Saying that pearls are my birthstone, Am I limited by birth? Begin each day with a breath say goodbye to yesterday like the sun’s light on dew, a droplet rendered dry What I’m not saying is, I’m blind I’m blinded by love, the removal of yours What I’m not saying is laughter... Continue Reading →


Daughter "What's my favorite place on earth," my daughter asks. “It’s a simple question Mum.” And it is. But the choosing of just one place worries me. It renders the places left out, not good enough. Like that house I lived in for a month when I was eight years old. The place that my... Continue Reading →

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