water crashes on high-tide shores stirring sand and seaweed long after yesterday’s storm rain’s drizzle dampens driftwood forts resurrected again and again by children you and me a lifetime ago   where stingray sailing beneath the surf fly gracefully together toward sand bars of calm a gathering of family you and you and you and... Continue Reading →


From My Heart To Yours ~ For John Pogachar

Sitting under a merge sign in my car on the side of a highway. Same as any other highway. Same as the highways Bob Seger sings about, same as any other day. Like when I ‘ran away’ at 19. Just up and left work, right in the middle of my shift. The title “Prep Cook”... Continue Reading →


water tinkling across barnacles pebbles rendered smooth by waves gentle not unlike kindness

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves As a young child growing up in New Zealand, I remember dreaming about autumn in Canada. Fall leaves, like the ones I imagined while listening to Joni Mitchell records, lined country roads with reds and oranges and yellows and every other colour that fills a heart with warmth. In my imaginings, Canada was... Continue Reading →

Sound ~ for Sarah Shivarani

Sound ~ for Sarah Shivarani swim underwater and listen for silence silence beyond the heart-pulse in your ears silence more familiar than a womb for all those times it was too loud, too much listen for the sound of who you are write write every book ever written in your head sing draw the old... Continue Reading →

money, zucchini’s and me

money, zucchini's and me What is it about money that calls me to write a poem? each letter paying the mortgage, each word, my visa bill(s). I go to the local farm stand where reusable bags stand in for guilt (the plastic of our emotions) I want to thank the soil but can I truly... Continue Reading →

Forty Years Now

Forty Years Now a pocketful of sand I've searched beaches for myself a box of letters I've written them all to nobody a scar across my abdomen I've fallen into motherhood to bliss an oversized wedding ring I've shrunken into love with you to know a sibling to really know them to know me as... Continue Reading →


Vegemite Vegemite is all the hours mum spent rolling bread dough. It is aprons dusted with flour, some on her face, some on the floor. Vegemite is fresh bread's scent wafting down the hallway, toasted and buttery. Vegemite is childhood slathered on top of those memories. The yellow labeled jars emptied and filled with beach... Continue Reading →

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